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Why do we baptize? Simply put: We need it. The Bible is very clear about the sin we have all inherited. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.


Explore main themes that run through the Bible as a way to bring better understanding to our reading of Scripture.

Biblical Themes

How to read the Bible

Learn how to read the Bible.

How to Read the Bible

Extended Time in Prayer Resource Pack

Speaking With Jesus: Extended Time in Prayer

Why Pray?

Why pray? Is it important? Where do I even start?

The Conversation of Prayer

The Lord's Supper

Come to the table.

The Lord's Supper

Biblical Equipping

Biblical Equipping is a disciplined way of encountering the Bible.

Biblical Equipping

Who is a Discipler?


Guide One

Conversation guides to explore the confession and forgiveness.

Reconciler's Journey

These tools offer you an opportunity to dive into the text of God’s Word and breathe it deep into your life.

Tender Commandments

Jesus talked about economics a lot...

The Generosity Ladder

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