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Biblical Equipping

Biblical Equipping is a disciplined way of encountering the Bible.

Biblical Equipping is a disciplined way of encountering the Bible – by yourself and with your small group – for the purpose of hearing and understanding God’s Word more clearly, knowing and loving God and others more deeply, and living for and serving God more joyfully and obediently.


Part One - Discussion

Before you launch into part 2 and 3, I’d like to invite you to do some processing of what you’ve learned so far about the Biblical Equipping cycle.

Think of one of your group members and plan what you would say to them about What the Biblical Equipping model will bring to your group if you put it into practice.


Has your group routinely been reading books about God or living a life of faith rather than the Bible itself? Think of one person in your group and plan how you would describe to them the advantage to taking a Biblical Equipping style approach to God’s actual Word.


Your coach is looking forward to hearing from you so let them know you’ve seen this first segment and are ready to talk about it.

Part Two - Leader Tips

Part Three - Discussion

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