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Reconciler's Journey

Conversation guides to explore the confession and forgiveness.

As an individual or a mentoring pair you can use these conversation guides to explore the confession and forgiveness area of our Worship Value. Our close relationship with God based on His gift of forgiveness of sin moves us to examine our relationships with others. We are moved to bring the same grace and desire to reconcile relationships following the footsteps of Jesus.

  • If you are using these individually make entries in a journal in places that call for conversation. Committing your thoughts in writing helps you focus and serves as a tool for a return visit to your thoughts. Follow through when the Holy Spirit nudges you to have a conversation with someone to verify what you hear God saying and commit to next steps.

  • If you are working together with a Discipler or as a Discipler you can use these conversations as presented together or agree to work as individuals on a specific section and set an appointment to address questions raised about next steps and share experiences from the outcomes of your steps.

  • If your small group has recurrently addressed issues that have a root in a damaged relationship, a hurt experienced or inflicted, or an opinion about others that becomes a hang-up for next steps, consider using these discussions 1 on 1 with the person in your group discipling conversation. This will be a time for focus, listening to God and each other, and allowance for the Spirit to bring movement.

  • Please print out the documents Slippery Slope and 7 A’s of confession posted in the Toolikit.


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